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As women we are quick to jump in and help others, putting our own needs aside, but I've learned the hard way that you must put your health & happiness first. You can't be the best mother, wife, friend, sister, aunt, or businesswoman if you're not taking care of yourself and managing daily stress. Stress will often pop up as symptoms of other things whether high blood pressure, cancer, stroke, heart attack, etc. It has many masks....that lead back to us not taking care of our bodily vehicle. So with the holiday season fast approaching, relax and take it easy. Sometimes we miss the special moments by focusing on the present. Let someone else make the turkey this Thanksgiving, it doesn't always have to be you stressing yourself out. It gives others a chance to step up and shine as well. At least once or twice a week I like to soak my feet in shot water with luxurious bath products or essential oils. I'll have a cup of my favorite herbal tea, or a good bottle of red wine (not the cheap stuff anymore), and I'll sit with a good book, or watch one of my favorite ratchet TV shows. Lol! Yes I love ratchet TV at the end of a long, hard day. The point is to just do whatever makes you happy if only for an hour, so you can laugh, get inspired, and recharge for the week or next day. So, I urge you to start treating yourself like a Queen today, or as often as you can. You must experience luxury,beauty, peace and happiness in order to give that energy to others. Remember, only the best my loves!!


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