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There are some essential fashion accessories that every fabulous woman should have as part of her wardrobe this winter season. A polished beauty should keep her clothes classic. Use glamorous accessories like jewelry, scarves, and handbags to update your style. It's the easiest way to stay on trend without completely changing your entire wardrobe year after year. So here is our list on steroids.

1) Your number one must-have accessory for winter should always be a luxe fur scarf, vest, or jacket. Whether you wear real or faux fur, it's our top seasonal pick to look fab through this chilly season.


2) Winter quietly brings in fun times for holiday celebrations, parties, events and fancy get-togethers with friends and family. Keep your ornate and fabulous black-tie, cocktail party necklace ready to go. It's a great conversation starter. Usually everyone's awkward, but if you're wearing a knock-out piece of jewelry, people are going to comment and ask about it giving you a chance to talk and get to know them as well.


3) Big, bigger and very glamorous sunglasses. On a day when you've been curled up on the sofa in front of the fire, but then start cooking only to realize you'll have to run out of the house to get milk with no makeup and messy hair, a hot pair of sunglasses saves you girl!


4) You need a good bright red lipstick to beat the everyday hum drum of cold weather. Some might say this is not an accessory, and that's possible, but it's on our list of winter must-haves. For every woman there's a perfect "red" depending on your undertones. Some will have either brown, orange, yellow, or even blue undertones. Find yours.


5) To break up the grayness of the season, another winter must-have is one large brightly colored everyday handbag, big enough to carry emergency winter snacks, and all of your favorite quick fix lipsticks & powders. Some women like to carry a red handbag during this time of the year, but we like orange too. It may be a bit over the top if you're more conservative, but for a polished beauty who wants to add a little extra spice, try orange, it's the new black.


6) Amp up your evenings with a rock star top for selfies. Everyone needs a go-to holiday top they can wear with a skirt, leather pants, or slacks. It's shiny and can get you through lots of after work events. This season you'll see the rock star influence in handbags, sunglasses and clothes. However choose one like our metallic halter top with draped neckline which never goes out of style.


7) A beautiful clutch for dinner makes you look trendy, easy & breezy cool. A neutral color of black, navy, beige, or silver, are versatile color choices to choose from. Find one with some type of adornment to make it special. You can do ordinary the rest of the year. Winter's not the time to be shy.


8) Bring on the big, bold blingy earrings. When the holiday parties start, you'll definitely need your "Miss Fancy Pants" earrings which usually consist of anything blingy, ornate, long and larger in size. Earrings that bring the drama are important as our relaxed summer accessories are now over. Winter is the time to look uber chic & fabulous!


9) Here's that rock star vibe again for the season on this short bootie with studs on the back. A lot of us opt for the long riding boots, but a bootie can add some interesting high-fashion style to a pair of tights, slim jeans, or even with a cute skirt.


10) And the one"sleeper" accessory we often forget about until we need it.... a pretty cross-body bag. Great for all the walking in town squares, parks & stadiums to watch a concert, sport's game, or just to view the holiday lights. It crosses over your body leaving you feeling a little more secure not having to leave your bag under the table or across the chair while you dance the night away. It also does double duty as a clutch, simply tuck the straps inside to look more chic.


Now that you've had a chance to read our list of 10 winter must-haves, you are ahead of the game for the season. Shop smart, and look for fabulous essential pieces that are conversation worthy, and that make you feel amazing during these gloomy weather months ahead. Until next time, many blessings to you and your families.


Written by- Yalanda Rene Jacques Founder/CEO, Polished Beauties

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