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If you happen to scroll through the beautiful pages of Instagram you'll come across this current ongoing fashion craze of adding gemstone bracelets with your watch. You'll see them featured on the wrists of both men & women wearing the simplest watches, to the most expensive Cartier, Audemar Piguet, and Rolex watches in the world. I especially love the look on a man's wrist too.....but I digress. Lol! Using real gemstones versus glass or plastic ones has many benefits, as natural gemstones are known to carry good energy in various forms. Some stones are good for protection, clarity, increasing wealth, serenity, good health and more. I started studying the energy of gemstones while working for Neiman Marcus a few years ago as a Jewelry Specialist, and have read several books on the subject. In this pic I paired this beautiful gold Michael Kors, crystal encrusted square watch with two citrine gemstone bracelets. Citrine is a yellow to light orange colored stone known for its energy to bring wealth & prosperity. Wealth can be a state-of-mind where you feel you have what you need, and prosperity of course is keeping your dollars rolling in. Lots of people swear by it, and I feel if I'm going to wear something, it might as well benefit me more than just being pretty. Up your wrist game!

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