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There are lots of ways to make a statement in the way we dress- a fancy designer gown, suit, or ripped jeans- but sometimes, less is more when you keep the clothes basic and opt to bring the drama by wearing an incredibly stunning statement necklace. I have a busy schedule so I absolutely love to throw on a simple outfit, like black slacks/jeans, a black blouse or blazer, nothing fancy and then put on a gorgeous statement necklace. It's the fastest, most efficient way to get out of the house looking fabulous with the least amount of effort. Lol! I normally keep the earrings simple wearing my daily studs as to keep all the the drama for the neckline. The design must be interesting, and a conversation piece. This takes away from the fact that maybe your makeup is simple, your hair's a bit messy, and let's not talk about your slightly chipped nails. Lol! But hey, no one is looking at anything except the gorgeous necklace around your neck. In a single swoop you have upgraded an outfit and made it look twice as expensive. Using your accessories is an old fashionista trick that's been around for ages, and the best way to look sharp and stay on a budget. Year after year the trends change, but that doesn't mean you have to spend thousands of dollars investing in every season's new look. Keep your clothes classic, then you can invest in some new fashion accessories to update your one will know, and you'll always look tres' chic. As women, sometimes our priorities are on spending money to improve our education, raising our kids, and taking care of the interior decorating for the house. But by adding a few statement pieces to our wardrobes, we still look fabulous and on trend. Yes! you better work!


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