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Let's talk about that all-so-popular "selfie" pic which has taken over our lives in the last few years.

Kim Kardashian has elevated it to an almost cult-like status, so much so that even men have gotten in on the game. Guys are now posting tons of shirtless pics of their washboard abs, or showing off their cars to get the ladies. Nice to look at, but that's not exactly something that most women would dare do. Fashion Illustration by: Hayden Williams HERE ARE SOME QUICK TIPS ON SHOOTING THE BEST SELFIES EVER!!: 1) START WITH GOOD CONCEALER & MAKEUP: Unless you have flawless skin, or are trying to post an all natural look, I suggest you come prepared & ready for battle. Remember it's the only thing standing between you and some light-hearted mockery, or mean girl backlash. And a popular Instagram blogger's trick is to add a little highlighting on the cheekbones & nose, It goes a long way to giving you that glow. 2) BEST PHONE CAMERA MAKEUP: Medium to high coverage is best, unless you have fairly decent skin. I usually wear a natural mineral foundation or BB cream by Smashbox on a day-to-day basis, but if I'm going to a special event where I know I'll be photographed a lot, or taking lots of selfies I wear a creme-to-powder foundation by Mary Kay covers everything flawlessly. Other high coverage foundations are by IT Cosmetics, Sephora, and Cover FX. Another great brand is MAC Cosmetics, an oldie, but good; however not the best if you have oily skin like me (perfect for someone with normal to dry skin).

3) LIPSTICK & EYESHADOW COLORS: Remember brighter colors will photograph better (hot pinks or reds). I have my everyday lipsticks, but also those highly pigmented ones. Some favorites are of course our own by Polished Beauties (coming soon); or lipsticks & lip glosses by Stila & one of my favorite companies, Anastasia Cosmetics. These highly pigmented lipsticks will not fade in pics under your phone's camera light. They are a little pricier, but drug store cosmetics like NYX, Revlon, L'oreal & Maybelline are starting to offer more highly pigmented products as well. 4) FIND YOUR BEST SIDE: Most professional actors, models, TV broadcasters, etc. all know which side is their best side. Unfortunately, both sides of our face are not equal. For me, it's my left side, so I always shoot from the left or when on TV I'll ask the cameraman to be kind and shoot from that side, if not possible I simply turn my body and face slightly that way.

In case you didn't know this little fact about best sides, go grab a hand-held mirror now and take a look at both sides of your face individually. Look at the neck area, angles of your face on cheekbones, jawline and under the neck. For me, one side is more chiseled than the other, or the little fat under my chin shows less. Lol! Yes, I said fat. And no one wants the turkey look in their pics. I have chubby cheeks, so usually turn my head to the side for a more chiseled profile. Which is your best side? Left or Right? Yalanda Rene Jacques 5) LIGHTING: If you don't have a selfie light....go get one immediately! It makes all the difference in how well lit your good qualities are, or how filtered the less appealing areas will be. Buy one that has 2-3 different light variations, so you get the choice of a softer light or stronger illumination depending on your environment. Here are some sample selfie lights below, with the Lumee (the middle one) being the most well-known one used by the Kardashian girls. (Find all on Amazon or eBay at reasonable prices.)

I hope these tips have been helpful, and that you utilize them & pass on to others to get the most from your cell phone selfies. Your friends will want to know your secrets. Good Luck & Much Love, Yalanda Rene Jacques CEO & Creative Director for Polished Beauties Follow us on Instagram: @polishedbeautiesofficial @yalandarenejacques


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